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12 Oct 2020
Media & Press
Tommy Lim

Commercial Property Loans Explained

A commercial property loan refers to commercial lending that is secured by a commercial property. We have put to...

commercial loan, Commercial mortgage, Commercial property

21 Sep 2020
Media & Press
Priscilla Tan

Your Guide to Getting a Construction Loan

Introduction A construction loan is one set up for the purpose of building a new home or substantially renovatin...

Construction loan, progress payments

13 Aug 2020
Media & Press
Tommy Lim

Can I still get a business loan during Covid-19?

This article serves as an important update for business owners looking to obtain any form of commercial funding dur...

Bank Policy, Business Loans, COVID19

18 Jun 2020
Media & Press
Tommy Lim

The Swing of the Pendulum - Tighter Home Loan Policies...

Introduction RBA Governor Philip Lowe put it best when he said that banks are acting as "shock absorbers" to the...

Bank Policy, COVID19

15 Jun 2020
Media & Press
Priscilla Tan

Are you eligible for the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme?

As a government's initiative to help first home buyers purchase their home, the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHL...

FHLDS, First Home Buyers

9 Jun 2020
Media & Press

Making the Most of the Government's Homebuilder Scheme

The Homebuilder Scheme is the Government’s latest initiative to combat the slowdown in the building industry as a...

COVID19, First Home Buyers, Owner Occupiers

26 May 2020
Media & Press
Luke Xie

Top 3 things you can finance with your new work vehicle

What aftermarket items can I finance? Generally, manufacturer accessories included in the driveaway price are ea...

vehicle finance, working vehicles

12 May 2020
Media & Press
Luke Xie

How does the $150,000 instant asset write-off apply to you?


COVID19, Instant Asset Write-Off, Relief Measures

9 Apr 2020
Media & Press

What does it mean to defer your loan?

Over the past few weeks, many clients have asked us about deferring their home loan repayments due to Covid-19. We...

COVID19, Loan deferral, Payment pause, Relief Measures

2 Apr 2020
Media & Press
Tommy Lim

What you need to know about the COVID-19 $250,000 busin...

What is this initiative? The Australian Government, though the Coronavirus Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Gu...

COVID19, Relief Measures, Unsecured business loans