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Quality inputs leads to quality outputs. If you would like a more accurate assessment of your needs, please complete our online assessment form. While this may take a little longer, our assessment form simulates that the information which a lender will ask for to approve your loan. We encourage completing a full assessment for clients looking to make a serious purchase in the next 3 – 6 months, or looking to refinance to capture rate savings today.

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When ready, please click through to complete our Online Assessment Form.

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What happens to my information?

Any information you send to us is personally handled by our staff for the sole purposes of assessing and approving your loan. It is not sent to any third parties without your permission, and your information is kept private and confidential at all times. Any information sent through our website is further protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption so that you know it is secure.

What are the first steps to getting a loan?

We have developed our own process called Finance MADE EASY to help smoothly manage your loan process and get the best outcomes for you. The first step is for us to “Meet and Discuss” so we can properly understand your scenario, goals and requirements. This can happen in person or in an initial phone call.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us by completing our Enquiry Form, Online Assessment Form, or calling us directly.

What long does it take for my loan to be approved?

Please give us up to 2 business days for a standard loan assessment, and 5-7 business days for a complex loan enquiry. We will always try and get back to you sooner. If there are any delays due to scenario complexity, case load or enquiry volume we will definitely let you know.

Should I get a Pre-Approval?

Yes, we strongly recommend getting a pre-approval where you are unsure how much you can borrow, where you have varying income, self-employed income or if your scenario is unique.

How do I strengthen my application to make sure I get approved?

Providing quality information upfront and accurately responding to our information requests will greatly increase the chances of your loan being approved. Where your circumstances are unique, the bank is very interested in knowing the facts behind your scenario and obtaining documented evidence to support it. This is an important key to having a difficult loan approved.

Why use SF Capital?

SF Capital is an award winning Mortgage Broking firm that provides a full suite of residential and commercial lending services. While many mortgage brokers may claim this our key points of difference are:

  • We can handle large and complex transactions where other brokers would be too lazy, unwilling or unable to find a solution
  • We single-mindedly focus on approving your loan in one go and giving you the best service experience possible. SF stands for “Service First”
  • We team extremely well with your other advisers – accountants, solicitors, financial planners, real estate agents – to give them a great experience as well
  • We focus on providing education and advice that adds value to your requirements, rather than being a transactional salesperson looking to ‘close the deal’

See Why Us to read more about our points of difference.