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Contact Us & Enquiry Forms

We collect personal information for the purposes of assessing your application for finance and managing that finance. We may also collect your personal information for the purposes of marketing and managing our relationship with you. From time to time we may offer you other products and services.

Further to the general Terms & Conditions of use for the SF Capital website, the following apply.

SF Capital provides useful and simple methods for visitors to the Website to contact SF Capital.

By using this service you understand and agree that:

Please direct all enquiries to

Website Disclaimer


Prior to disclosing any of your personal information to another person or organisation, we will take all reasonable steps to satisfy ourselves that:

The content of the website (www.sfcapital.com.au) includes text, software, graphics and advertisements provided by SF Capital its affiliates, third parties and its independent contractors. Whilst SF Capital takes reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this website is correct it makes no representations that the content will be complete, accurate, reliable, suitable or up to date and that your access to the website will be free from interruption or errors and the website or the hosting servers are free of viruses or any other harmful components. SF Capital does not accept any responsibility or liability for any actions taken as a result of, or in reliance on, information on its website.

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To the extent allowable by law SF Capital and its affiliates exclude:

Where the law implies any phrase in relation to your use of the Website or any understanding arising out of your accessing the Website and that law prohibits exclusion of that phrase, then that phrase is included. If and to the amount permitted by law, however, SF Capital and its affiliates limit their liability for breach of such phrase to the resupply of services.

Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of the SF Capital Guarantee as advertised on this website.


We will not charge you our application fee where we prepare and submit your loan application and the loan does not get approved.

Our guarantee only applies to Residential Lending for the stated services. They do not apply to Commercial Lending.

We will tell you upfront if a guarantee does not apply due to missing information, insufficient time, or your loan being too far outside a lender’s requirements.

The pre-conditions for each type of Guarantee are the following.

‘Approval Guarantee’

Our Approval Guarantee commits to you that your loan application will not be declined and you will achieve Formal Approval for your loan.

You must accurately provide all information prior to loan submission so that we can conduct a proper assessment of your scenario.

You must disclose to us all material facts relating to your loan application and credit history, including any reasons why you think your loan would not be approved.

Our assessment must yield a positive result, and you must go with one of the lenders which we advise can approve your loan.

‘On Time Guarantee’

Our On Time Guarantee commits to you that your loan will settle on time for clients that have followed our process.

You must allow us to obtain a pre-approval prior to your exchange of contracts; and you must first qualify for our Approval Guarantee.

You must negotiate the standard 6-week settlement period for a standard residential property purchase. Where a simultaneous settlement or a bridging loan applies, you must agree with us on the timing first.

Our On Time Guarantee does not apply to refinances where there is no purchase featuring as part of your loan transaction.

‘Best Rate Guarantee’

Our Best Rate Guarantee commits to you that you will receive the best rate achievable at the time of application for your chosen lender, product, loan amount and loan structure.

You must have evidence in writing that you have been offered a better rate for the same lender, product, loan amount and loan structure.

You must present us with formal communication from another branch or broker, for example, an email with the branch or broker’s official email signature, or an online offer that can be revisited.

You must present this offer prior to the application of your loan.

Our Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to post settlement rebates or cash backs offered by brokers or branches that are not part of the lender’s official offer.

SF Capital Client Referral Programs

The client that you refer to SF Capital (‘us’) must not be yourself, your co-borrower, or a company/business owned or co-owned by yourself. The client you refer must not be an existing client of SF Capital.

Where a prior arrangement has been made between the referrer and SF Capital for referral fees outside the referral program, he/she will not be eligible to claim a reward under a referral program.

The terms & conditions of the SF Capital Client Referral Program (‘referral program’) and the ‘New Year, New Referral Campaign’ (‘NYNRC’) are set down below, respectively:

i) SF Capital Client Referral Program

Each referral must be for a minimum loan amount of $500,000, in order to qualify for the Referral Program.  All rewards are subject to the successful settlement of the loan. 

The amount of reward is determined by reference to the reward scale at the time of settlement. This scale is subject to slight adjustments from time to time, as published on the SF Capital website. 

Rewards must be redeemed within a 24-month period or else they will expire. Where the referrer has become eligible to claim a reward, but chooses to ‘grow’ the reward until the next referral, the 24-month period starts from the time of settlement of the first loan referred.

All merchants that have been chosen under the referral program are reputable businesses in Australia. However, SF Capital will not be responsible where the business of a merchant is closed and a referrer who has claimed a reward from the merchant has an unused gift card.

Merchants may be substituted and are subject to change without notice.

Rewards are dispatched electronically via email, unless otherwise agreed with the referrer.

Where the reward chosen is a charity, SF Capital will make the donation in the referrer’s preferred name.