Business Overdrafts & Lines of Credit

An overdraft or a line of credit is a revolving credit facility where you can use up to a predetermined limit set by the financial institution. It is a revolving credit facility as you can use a certain amount; pay it back and then use that portion of the loan again without going through another credit approval process. There is also generally no fixed repayment requirements as long as the facility balance (after interest expenses is added) at the end of the month is below the facility limit. This is different from a business loan where there is a fixed repayment periodically and once you pay back the principal according to the repayment schedule, you normally cannot access that portion of the loan again without going through another loan application process.

Fund immediate cash flow requirements with a Business Overdraft or Line of Credit

Which lenders can usually provide a Business Overdraft / Line of Credit?

Most of the major and second tier lenders who offer business financing have an overdraft / line of credit facility. Some boutique and private lenders also can offer overdraft / line of credit facilities.


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