Debt Restructuring

Do you have a Commercial Bill that is expiring or under review by your current bank? Are your current loans straining your cash flow? We can help you restructure your current commercial loans to achieve better terms and streamline your business cash flow. We strive to help you recapitalise your business, strengthen your personal balance sheet and free up cash to invest for future growth. We can also help rescue loans where a bank has asked you to leave, by working across our panel of commercial banks and alternative lenders.

Restructure and Optimise your Commercial Lending

Can you remove personal guarantees when debt restructuring?

If you do not have more than that, we can consider using a Family Guarantee if your parents have equity in the property. You can also consider paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance if you and the property you are buying are eligible.

With both these solutions, you must be able to demonstrate you can afford the higher loan repayments that come with a higher loan amount.