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We make it easy for qualifying Aussie Expats to arrange finance with Australian banks to purchase their home or investment property. Our services include using your foreign income to evaluate your borrowing capacity, recommending the most appropriate lender, and managing the entire process for you, including all Australian stakeholders such as your solicitor, real estate agent and buyers agent.

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How do banks treat foreign income?

A bank will first convert your foreign income to AUD using their retail exchange rates or a well known website such as www.xe.com.

This income will be discounted before being used as servicing income. This is typically 20%. Some banks apply 10% and others up to 40%. This is in addition to any standard discounting that happens for variable income such as overtime, commissions or bonus income

What is the maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) for Aussie Expats?

For most banks, the typical maximum LVR for Aussie Expats is 70%. However, there are some lenders that will allow you to borrow at 80% LVR if you meet their requirements. Please contact us and we will assess if you’re eligibility for a higher LVR.

Do I pay the same rate as other borrowers?

Yes, for most banks you will pay the same interest rate as if you were living and working in Australia. Some banks will apply a loading to their interest rate for Australian Expats. We will let you know if this applies in your scenario depending on the bank you pick.