Refer a Friend!

At SF Capital, we greatly appreciate your referrals. Through our Client Referral Program we want to say thank you in a special way. If you are a client of ours, we hope we were able to deliver an outstanding service, so much so that you would like to tell your friends about us.

Refer a Friend and Collect Rewards!

The SF Capital Client Referral Program is a reward program specifically designed for our referral network.

Refer a friend to SF Capital today and get awesome rewards! 

The SF Capital Client Referral Program

It has never been easier and more rewarding to introduce your friends to SF Capital. Simply refer your friends to us, wait for their loan to settle, and select your gift of choice. Or you can choose to grow your reward until you make the next referral.






Grow Your Rewards

The more referrals you make, the greater your reward. You can redeem your reward after your first referral when the loan settles, or make up to 5 referrals to redeem a $500 gift voucher from the Merchant of your choice.

The choice is all yours!

1 referral –   $50 

2 referrals – $125

3 referrals – $200

4 referrals – $350

5 referrals – $500

Pick the Merchant of Your Choice

We have crafted a list of excellent Merchants for you to choose from – from shopping for your new kitchen or the latest gadget to a staycation experience.

Alternatively we will make a tax deductible donation to Habitat for Humanity on your behalf.