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Are you looking to purchase or refinance a commercial office, retail shopfront or warehouse? Is your property more specialised, and you require finance for a hotel, childcare centre, nursing home, petrol station or block of units?

SF Capital is expertly equipped to handle your Commercial Property Finance needs. Commercial Lending is a very different skill set to working with Residential Home Loans. The right relationships and the technical ability to understand complex financials matter, and the assessment and pricing are much more bespoke. We have an established network of bankers and a highly skilled team ready to assess all Commercial Property scenarios.

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What is the typical LVR for Commercial Property?

Typical Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVR’s) for commercial fall within 65% – 70%. This depends on the the lender, the type of asset and the overall strength of the client in terms of balance sheet, cash flow and personal and business history.

What is a General Security Agreement (GSA) and when is it required?

A General Security Agreement (GSA) is a charge a bank places over a company (or other entity) to secure the assets and cash flows of that entity in the event of a loan default.

In other words, it is a legal right to the assets and future earnings of the business should something go wrong. The bank’s right is registered on what is known as the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) – see

GSA’s are typically requested where there is a larger loan size of over $1 Million and where the profits of a company are required to ensure the ongoing servicing of a commercial loan.