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Are you self-employed and looking to borrow for your next home or investment property? Are you unsure of your borrowing capacity, or concerned the bank will not understand your financial statements? We are experts in helping self-employed clients and business owners succeed in home lending and securing them the best home loan deal possible. We work diligently to accurately understand and position your application in the strongest way possible to make sure it gets approved by the bank.

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We help self-employed clients secure the best loan deal

Is it more difficult to obtain a home loan as a self-employed borrower?

No, it only takes and adviser that is experienced and comfortable with working with financial statements. If your broker has worked with many self employed applicants and understands how to present your scenario then there should be no issues.

Do the loans in my business affect my borrowing capacity?

Yes, loans within your business can reduce your borrowing capacity. Again, this depends on the bank that you pick. For some lenders the repayments on your business loans must be factored into your serviceability. Other lenders will ignore.

Does it matter if my income is earned from a company, trust or partnership?

No, we have expertise in interpreting income from all types of entities. The skill here is understanding the flow of income to understand your true borrowing capacity.

Are the rates any different if I am a business owner?

No, for normal full-doc lending, there is no difference in interest rate if you are approved for your loan. The rates will be the same as if you were a PAYG salaried employee.

Is the process any different if I am a business owner?

While the work is different to understand your income, and more experienced credit officers may assess your file, once your loan is submitted the loan process itself is the same as if you were a salaried employee.

What if my financials are not up to date at the time of application?

If your financials are not up to date at the time of application, you will need to urgently advise your accountant to complete them in order to achieve a formal loan approval. If you are unable to finalise your latest years financials, you may have to consider a specialist loan.