First Home Buyers

It can be tough breaking into the property market. Negotiating with real estate agents, attending inspections, and navigating through the myriad of loan options can be an intimidating process. We take away the stress of purchasing your first home or investment property by providing you with high quality education and guiding you every step of the way.

Helping you Buy your First Home or Investment Property

What are the key steps to buying my first property?

See your Finance Made Easy loan steps to understand the property finance journey.

Can I add Lenders Mortgage Insurance to the loan amount?

Yes, within certain parameters you can add LMI to the loan. This is known as ‘capitalising’ LMI.

Can you help with a Family Guarantee?

Yes, we have assisted many clients with Family Guarantees. Please read more information on our Family Guarantee page.

Can you help with an Off-the-Plan property?

Yes, we have managed the smooth settlement of 100’s of off-the-plan properties. We know the steps and the intricacies in great detail to make sure your property settles on time.

How long does a pre-approval last?

A pre-approval typically lasts for 6 months. At 90 days you must update a pre-approval by sending in new pay verification and supporting evidence that proves your financial position has remained unchanged.

Am I entitled to the First Home Owner Grant?

Please check your respective State Government website on We can help you evaluate your entitlement to a First Home Owner Grant or Stamp Duty Exemption at the time of your enquiry.


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