Home Loan Approval For Mature Age Client


Our client is 62 years old who has dedicated his life to child protection work. He is self-employed and has Australian superannuation and an ongoing foreign source pension.

The couple reached out seeking to sell the investment property and purchase their forever home for retirement. The purchase price target is $950,000.


  • Lenders are reluctant to provide a longer loan term to applicants who are close to retirement age
  • There are complexities in this scenario around self employed income as our client recently started consulting in the same line of work he was previously PAYG in, so his first year was “start up”, with low income
  • Foreign income pension is not accepted by certain lenders
  • The client wanted to preserve sufficient superannuation funds and US pension income to satisfy a desired retirement lifestyle
  • The client’s existing lease at the investment property was expiring next mont and travel plans immediately afterwards, so a new property has to be purchased within the next month. 



We presented an exit strategy plan involving the sale of the client’s current investment property, and retaining sufficient sales proceeds in addition to his superannuation. This is so that the lender would consider a 30 year loan term (as the client had the ability to clear the loan at anytime).

In the end, the client achieved a pre-approval for a $950,000 purchase price, although he subsequently found a property which was slightly under, at $865,000.

This was achieved with on time settlement within a 3 week timeframe.