First home buyers happily work from new home


  • Being first home buyers, we invested the time to educate the clients about the mortgage process – provided all the relevant information for them to make an informed decision
  • Handheld the client through the pre-approval and ensured they were well informed, putting them in control in making offers on a property before being pre-approved 


Our clients are young professionals who got married recently. Male applicant is an Investment Adviser and the female applicant is a Social Media Manager. Clients were initially hesitant to use a Mortgage Broker as they felt they could do all the research themselves. 

They finally reached out to SF Capital through a friend referral to assist them with the purchase of their first property together. Clients were eager to jump into the property market as investors but needed guidance to help them understand their borrowing capacity and deposit strategy.


  • Due to the big financial transaction, clients were indecisive on the approach of this purchase – took into account many factors that affected their decision

  • Coronavirus pandemic caused a 20% decrease in the variable income for male applicant

  • Active buyers in the market hence they were able to locate properties they were interested in very quickly and made offers prior to being pre-approved 


The clients had completed their own research into the property market, so we knew they were eager to get into the market quickly. Soon after we received their supporting documents, we provided a quick turnaround on an initial assessment but made sure to invite the clients in for the presentation.

Our initial meeting went extremely well, as it provided a lot of education around the Mortgage process which otherwise the clients would not have known. From this meeting it was apparent there needed a deposit solution, hence it was a waiting game until the clients were ready.

Few months in, clients reached out and we were ready to submit the pre-approval. Just after being pre-approved, clients had changed their strategy and wanted to purchase their family home. We needed to revise the advice after understanding the client goals for this purchase. 

It was important for the client to understand what the changes meant and ensured that the change in income still meant the clients were at a comfortable borrowing level, and still able to achieve their goal. There were multiple calls and emails to finalise their decision. We then proceeded to amend the pre-approval and not long after, the client made an offer which was accepted.

The loan was ready for settlement well before the settlement date, allowing the clients to focus on the preparation of moving into their new home. Needless to say, clients are now happily staying in their new home during lockdown and ready to start their family!