David De Bruyn

Testimonial from a Strategic Partnerships Manager

We were introduced to SF Capital through a friend. We had an incredible experience with Tommy. Professional, punctual, patient and super insightful and encouraging. What I loved most about working with Tommy is his integrity! I cannot overstate this enough. My wife works for Commbank and after all the work Tommy did he found that they were the best bank to go ahead with. He then recommended that we go directly with them to avoid all the fees that she doesnt have to pay for being an employee as well as avoiding the LMI fee for not having a big enough deposit. Him and his team spent all that time and energy on our application only to advise us to go with a competitor as it was in our best interest. AND they never charged us a cent!!!! All our future business (provided my wife isnt at the bank still :-)) and recommendations will be going to Tommy and his team at SF. You can guarantee he will act in your best interest!