Double the joy for upsizers who found forever home


  • Clients were active in their property search so it was vital that we were diligent in presenting options available to them, in a timely manner

  • Invested time early to provide education on the process of buying and selling their home – especially ensuring they understood what the affects would be on their financial position under each option

  • Important that we stood by the client to ensure any changes to their position were reflected with the application, and the lender chosen still met their needs


Our clients are IT professionals looking to upsize their home and first reached out in January 2018 through a friend referral. They had previously worked with a Finance Broker but nothing eventuated as the process took too long. They decided to give it another go, as they were just too busy to take on this process alone.

Our clients own their current home with a mortgage, and they were wanting to know what options were available to them to keep or sell this property in order to upsize their home.


  • Just after our initial meeting we were informed that clients were expecting a new bundle of joy – this changes our initial assessment and advice

  • Clients were looking to purchase their long term family home – this process can take up to 12 – 24 months to find the right property

  • Long time frame to purchase was not the issue, but it meant that a revised assessment was required every 3 months to ensure it still satisfied the lender


After the initial meeting we were advised about the happy change that was about to occur in their life. Being on maternity leave doesn’t mean you can’t borrow, it just changes the circumstances which you borrow and potentially the loan amount. 

We prepared another round of lender recommendations for those which can accept maternity leave and guided the client on utilising this policy. Finally, a lender which met their needs as a young family meant we could get pre-approval.

Upon being pre-approved it was still important to keep close to the clients during their property search. This is to ensure their pre-approval was still valid with constant lender changes.

In the best interest of the client, we switched lenders after 18 months, when the lender policy changed and they were able to borrow more and preserve their savings to welcome their new born. At the end of 2019, clients found their family home and we were able to settle their loan application without a hiccup.

This happy family subsequently returned and we helped them with the refinance of their investment property, achieving much needed rate savings! We definitely changed their perception on how Finance Brokers can help save them time and money.