Dynamic duo excavator and trailer


  • Technical understanding of the drivers of cost by looking at the loan amount financed (or the initial outlay) vs the rate (i.e. monthly repayment cost). This is important in order to source the most favourable deal for the client  
  • Separate facilities for the excavator and trailer. We invested double the amount of time for the benefit of the client to have two separate facilities for the tools he was purchasing.


The builder / carpenter purchased a new home where he was going to be doing substantial home improvement work himself.

He was considering the purchase of a Bobcat skidsteer excavator and accompanying trailer. He currently rents the same equipment in the business for client work.

He was planning to do this substantial work in the little time coming up to Christmas. However, the lease agreement for the equipment he needed was expiring.

The client’s builder / carpenter business is well established for over 9 years. As his property had not settled, he was not a property owner yet.

We were to help the client obtain finance for an excavator and trailer.


The main challenge of this scenario was timing. 

As the director of the company was not yet a property owner, the lender would require at least 10-20% deposit OR 2 years of financials and tax returns for a detailed assessment.

On the financials, the client’s most current year (FY18) financials had not yet been finalised. 

The client required the equipment to be delivered on the day as his property settlement, in the lead up to Christmas.

So we had to find a solution, real quick.


There was an upside in this scenario, and that is we were dealing with prime bankable assets that gave the clients plenty of options.

To make the most of the upside, we invested double the time to source separate facilities for the excavator and trailer. In doing so, we were able to secure finance for each tool with the following outlay vs repayments:

  • The excavator – we financed the bobcat with a lender where the upfront outlay was $385 higher but monthly repayments were $37 per month lower, essentially the higher upfront would be made up with the lower monthly repayments in 11 months
  • The trailer – we financed the trailer with a lender where the repayment was $8 more per month but upfront outlay was $750 less. This meant even over the entire loan term the higher monthly repayments ($8 x 60 months) would not outweigh the $750 higher upfront.

The client took delivery of the bobcat and trailer, on the same day as his property settlement. He happily spent his new year break enjoying the oasis with family and friends in his new home!