Deposit solutions for young couple


  • Presented face-to-face to the client on a strategy based on their current position to help them achieve their ultimate goal of purchasing their first family home
  • We stood by the clients every step of the way to ensure each milestone was achieved in a timely manner – the time was invested so we knew the clients would be back when they were ready to purchase
  • We understand every detail of bank policy, so even when there is Family Guarantee involved – there is no time wasted on back and forth with documents and information


De-facto couple reached out in early 2019 as they were looking to purchase their first family home together. Couple got engaged the year before and was getting married in 2019, so was looking for our assistance to plan the next chapter of their lives! 

Female client held an investment property in Dee Why, while the couple together purchased an investment property in Dubbo from the advice of Accountant as a strategy to increase their savings position.

Jointly the couple had a 5% deposit at the time of our meeting so they were looking for solutions to solve for their deposit.


Savings position were low because the couple were getting married that year – their savings had been put towards paying for the wedding and honeymoon.

Female client had been studying at the time and was only working part-time – she just switched to full-time prior to our meeting.

Due to their loan commitments the couple had exhausted most of their existing capacity to take on a new loan.



We knew from the get go what the client was looking to achieve and in preparation had presented a strategy to help them.

(1) To solve for the deposit – we unlocked equity from Dee Why from a lender which provided a favourable valuation, and because we are always up to date with all bank specials we were able to save them thousands for the refinance and cash out.

(2) Due to limited additional borrowing, we advised that clients that Dubbo needs to be sold which mirrored their Accountants advice and ultimately increased their savings position upon settlement. Even though this process did not involve SF Capital, we educated the clients about the banks process to ensure they were comfortable to proceed with the sale

(3) Finally, prepared a pre-approval with a family guarantee for peace of mind for clients to search for their family home

This was never going to be a simple and quick process, so we ensured that communication was evident at every milestone we achieved. 

Once pre-approved the clients had been able to locate a property newly renovated which they had fallen in love with. The price was higher than initially planned but clients knew they could not lose out on such a great deal. We immediately reviewed their file to ensure they could make an informed decision. 

Shortly after, they exchanged the contract and paid the deposit. We managed the rest of the process for them and made sure it was a smooth settlement. Sure enough, clients have now moved into their beautiful home, stress free!