28 Jun 2021

SF Capital’s Car Buying Service

It is no secret that there is a shortage of new cars, and this is even leading to some used cars selling for more than what they would have 2 to 3 years ago!

Unfortunately, car buyers in the market today are facing some of the most frustrating conditions to find a bargain.

This is where SF Capital’s car buying service comes in. Not only can we help you arrange the finance for your new car, we can also provide up to three dealer quotes, depending on the model.

We are able to provide this value-added service because our finance brokers (who are also car enthusiasts) have spent years building a network of top performing dealerships, fleet managers and car brokers that we tap into when our clients need to buy a new car.

How does our car buying process work?

Our car buying process starts with issuing a tender to all of these contacts for the new car and having them compete against themselves for your business, without you having to deal with any of them. This tender even includes a trade in valuation so you know exactly what you will be paying.

Once you have chosen the quote to proceed with, we obtain the final invoice in order to issue loan documents. For business customers we will also obtain obligation free insurance quotes.

Best of all, we do not charge for this service so you either get the benefit of an end-to-end car buying experience or at the very least you will walk into the dealership equipped with pre-approved finance and other quotes in order to drive a very hard bargain!

Want to speak to someone?

If this car buying service will assist you, please speak to our Asset & Vehicle Finance specialist, Luke Xie, today by email <> or call 0498880033.